Washroom Solutions


Washroom Products & ServicesWashroom Products & Services

Having your washroom professionally maintained will guarantee you a clean and hygienic environment all day, every day.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and quality of our products. We tailor to every type of business, so contact us to discuss your washroom needs.


We provide, install and service all essential washroom solutions.

  • Air Freshener & sanitizers
  • Soap & Hand Care Systems
  • N1/H1 hand sanitizer & systems
  • Paper and towel systems
  • Feminine Hygiene Services


Of course essential to any healthy, clean and functioning washroom is a managed and thorough cleaning system. This includes:

  • Green cleaning and products when requested
  • Hygienic cleaning and sanitation of toilets, bowls, urinals, and stands.
  • Thorough cleaning of sinks, mirrors, handles, floors, walls, etc.
  • Follow up with a 12 point inspection service to ensure complete customer satisfaction.